The other day, most of us talked about fan most desired D. Va through Overwatch being added to Heroes of the Weather, along with special skin that could be unlocked for those multiplayer shooter, as well as an awesome officer attire for everyone’s popular “nerf this” chic. But what about those who aren’t taking part in Warriors action? Will these be able to get the themes?

The answer, thankfully, is actually yes. Game home Jeff Kaplan, generally known for his dependable comments on Overwatch’s continuous progress for the game, noted the fact that the character skins pertaining to D. Va plus Genji will sooner or later be available in the Overwatch loot boxes, although a date hasn’t been handed yet for opportunity. But at least they’re coming!

“We totally understand that there are some competitors who do not personal or have access to a new PC to play Characters of the Storm, ” he noted. “Because of this, we will add both the Oni Genji skin and then the Officer D. Va skin to the natural, base Overwatch loot box at some point in the future.

“With that said, I however encourage anyone with entry to a PC to try out the Nexus Difficulty. Heroes of the Hurricane is an amazing match and you’ll unlock those skins without charge and before individuals. ”

Those that are playing Heroes and Overwatch alike will be able to link up Console and PSN health care data to their PC you (through Battle. net) to get the skins rather quickly, but it seems like Kaplan and company be aware that not everyone online games on the PC forward - instead preferring to get their shenanigans on through a common game console. Certainly no sense shutting these products out, it seems.

The video below breaks down the best way to unlock the wardrobe through the Nexus Concern, in case you feel like acquiring them on premature and dressing Def. Va as a wily police officer. So be sure to check it out! We’ll say once the outfits are for sale for general pick-up inside Overwatch - and even we’re sure you have plenty of awesome templates to play around within the meantime, appropriate?


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