Fnatic has sponsored an exciting new CS: GO guide, and it's perfect for doing surfing on a blisteringly hot summer working day.

The map, surf_summer, features a variety of simply recognizable summer moments, such as a palm tree-filled beach, a larger-than-life sandcastle, a boardwalk, a skate playground, a water park your car, and even a player bar near the surf appearance. CSGO Ak47 Skins The map boasts its own interactive Fnatic fidget spinner near to the player spawn.

When entering the browse “waves, ” some jolly tune plays in the background and the sunlight lightens the feeling as you take your first of all strafe jump in the map. The first few levels are fairly shorter, as the focus on the initial surf portions is on the scenery. Game enthusiasts from Fnatic's CS: GOteam are also exhibited early on with their Significant trophies from 2015, when they won ESL One Katowice and ESL One Cologne.

When you get to the later stages with the map, floating surfboards, popsicles, and your favorite ice cream treats fill your field of viewpoint with a multitude of brilliant colors. The more challenging parts of the road can be found towards the texture, since the map inventors wanted it that they are for both amateur and advanced virtually all. To conclude the road, players must search up and down several normal water slides in breakneck fashion. You can down load surf_summer in the CS: GO Steam online community workshop. Once the place has loaded, you’re able to “exec” your favorite internet configuration into the developer’s console and begin your energy trials. The road will be playable in public areas community servers on the browser later nowadays. Surf’s up, guys.


The good qualities who favored the M4A1-S were players with incredible first bullet aim-Egor “flamie” Vasilyev and Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom. Some other notable M4A1-S users include Richard “shox” Papillon and Janusz “Snax” Pogorzelski. Regardless, the majority of the pros in HLTV’s Top twenty favored the M4A4, most likely due to the clip size and ammo. If you’re not really a professional CS: GO player, it’s still not clear which from the two CT weapons is better. Unfortunately, all of us don’t all possess the one-tap potential of ScreaM or the spray control of GeT_RiGhT, which means that deciding which CT rifle to use forces us to assess our own strengths, playstyle, and preferences. The M4A1-S is still the greater gun for long distances, and the stronger spray pattern much more forgiving for more recent players. If you are often holding bombsites with long angles, the M4A1-S may be the rifle for you. In case you prefer playing smaller sized sites or jobs and trying to mow down multiple enemies as they try to hurry you down, the extra ammo of the M4A4 will save your life much more times than you can count. The rifle you choose may also be dependent upon what map you might be playing on. Like Dust 2 offers long lines of engagement-Mid and Lengthy A, for example-which may benefit a CT using the M4A1-S. The M4A4 might be better suited for a map like Inferno, where the choke factors are tighter and the firefights are more claustrophobic.

Experiment a little bit. Jump into a deathmatch machine and see how long it requires you to hit one hundred frags with each rifle. At the end of the day, personal preference is the driving factor whenever you’re deciding between M4A4 and the M4A1-S. Here’s some parting advice: no matter which one you’ve got outfitted, drop your M4 for an AK when you can. After a series of poor performances throughout his last two tournaments with OpTic Gaming, it looks like Spencer “Hiko” Martin is going to be removed from the lineup. Perhaps the best way to describe his performance over the past couple of months is “underwhelming. ” But once upon a time, Hiko was North America’s shining star-the one player willing to forego money and superficial fame for a genuine chance at significant success. In a scene riddled with slackers and pro-streamers, Hiko is a beautiful anomaly. In 2014,CSGO Ak47 Skins Hiko was at his prime. The compLexity roster continues to be picked up by Cloud9, and Hiko was the star. Gamers like Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert and Sean “sgares” Gares were popular in the NA scene, but Hiko was the man holding it all together. C9’s rivals during the time, iBUYPOWER, were always considered to have a much more talented lineup and frequently got the better of C9 head-to-head, however C9 often went further at worldwide events. The problems among Hiko and the C9 organization are quite nicely documented. Hiko thoguht it was obvious that C9’s roster simply wasn’t capable of successful tournaments, and started to call for players to become removed from the team. The organization refused. Hiko decided to leave the team, planning to join forces with members from the iBUYPOWER lineup.

Following the match-fixing scandal remaining these players banned from competing, the plans disappeared. Hiko was a star, however he didn’t have a team. Yet. Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham was the only player on iBUYPOWER’s lineup at the time of the throw who else wasn’t banned, and he was also NA’s best AWPer. Within the post-iBP days, Skadoodle and Hiko joined up with forces to try and find a winning lineup. Following a long and fruitless search, Skadoodle made a decision to join Cloud 9, where he was now competing alongside the lineup that Hiko had simply left. With Skadoodle leaving him higher and dry, Hiko joined Nihilum Video gaming, where he was paired up with previous C9 teammate Kory “SEMPHIS” Friesen. The team was really disappointing. They struggled tremendously to contend at a high level, and their domestic results were dismal. After parting ways with Nihilum,CSGO AWP Skins the same lineup joined up with Maximum Effort. Hiko would leave right after, once again becoming a free agent. At ESWC 2015, Hiko surprised everyone as a stand-in for FlipSid3 Techniques. With rising Ukranian star Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev by his side, Hiko and F3 upset Ninjas in Pyjamas, creating an unexpected semifinals run with a team that few believed might put in a unforgettable performance at the event. ESWC 2015 was Hiko’s first taste of success since departing C9, but it wasn’t

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To conclude, things would be a great deal duller post-game without analysts. Viewers and teams wouldn’t understand where someone went wrong and where they could improve and at this point, professional CS: GO would really feel bare without professional analysis. It should not be news in order to anyone who follows the Counter-Strike scene that NA CS is often ridiculed for being home to some from the worst players on the planet. Recently, the same type of ridicule has fallen upon ESEA’s Rank S league. The latest “scandal” rose from this Rank S cut taken from Mohamad “m0E” Assad’s stream. In the clip, Jason “JasonR” Ruchelski can be seen rage-quitting the match accompanied by Omar “MarkE” Jimenez because his group is losing 12-0 on Dust second . Many people, including esports analyst Jason “Moses” O’Toole and OpTic player Will “RUSH” Wierzba have argued that Rank S has gone down the toilet and has “no benefit” at all.

I, for one, seem to have a relatively unpopular opinion: players don’t need to behave like they do at Major LANs in Rank S. Rank S is a PUG support for professional players to use between methods and tournaments and revel in themselves however they see fit. The mindset that professional players need to play with high-level strats and take action super serious in every game they ever play is frankly ridiculous. If players wanted serious games, they could play scrims. Players in Rank S usually queue with friends and stream their games for fun plus they should be able to act however they want to. They’re not really in an official competition environment. People have stressing that “[i]t’s hard to incorporate strats when a large amount of the players have not played competitive cs [sic] in a high level. ” What they’re failing to comprehend, however , is that even players who are relatively unknown, like the current #1 Rank S player Leonardo “Laski” Arroyo, have gotten there “deservedly. ” They’ve worked their own way up the step ladder and are now playing in an environment alongside their peers.

If these players “have no clue how to function within a team” like RUSH says, why not teach all of them how to do that rather than complaining about it?CSGO Ak47 Skins For many one knows, these players could wind up overtaking the current benefits and becoming the next CS: GO celebrities. Reddit user papillon8 argues that “[the new players] got there through pugging, therefore of course they are not going to be as good/experienced in team-play, but rather of acting such as entitled jerks, why don’t you give those players time for you to learn and be patient with them? ” As well as he’s right. If these players makes it to #1, players like steel and m0E have ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE for not rising to the top on their own.

All in all, Rank S should be seen as a play ground for pro players where they can perform however they want. If somebody really cared about the Counter-Strike scene, they wouldn’t be so superficial and judge the talent of NA CS simply from the method the region’s players behave during downtime. At the same time, professional players should help those people who are new to Rank S because, despite being new, they’ve caused it to be to the highest degree of ESEA and are worthy of a warm pleasant. There was a time when I would play CS: GO for hours each time on a daily basis. At one point, CSGO AWP SkinsI even had aspirations to become a professional player. Recently, however , I noticed that I usually ended up playing the game out of dullness. I wasn’t having fun the way I used to. Two days ago, I decided it was time for me personally take a break from playing CS: GO entirely. What

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The other day, most of us talked about fan most desired D. Va through Overwatch being added to Heroes of the Weather, along with special skin that could be unlocked for those multiplayer shooter, as well as an awesome officer attire for everyone’s popular “nerf this” chic. But what about those who aren’t taking part in Warriors action? Will these be able to get the themes?

The answer, thankfully, is actually yes. Game home Jeff Kaplan, generally known for his dependable comments on Overwatch’s continuous progress for the game, noted the fact that the character skins pertaining to D. Va plus Genji will sooner or later be available in the Overwatch loot boxes, although a date hasn’t been handed yet for opportunity. But at least they’re coming!

“We totally understand that there are some competitors who do not personal or have access to a new PC to play Characters of the Storm, ” he noted. “Because of this, we will add both the Oni Genji skin and then the Officer D. Va skin to the natural, base Overwatch loot box at some point in the future.

“With that said, I however encourage anyone with entry to a PC to try out the Nexus Difficulty. Heroes of the Hurricane is an amazing match and you’ll unlock those skins without charge and before individuals. ”

Those that are playing Heroes and Overwatch alike will be able to link up Console and PSN health care data to their PC you (through Battle. net) to get the skins rather quickly, but it seems like Kaplan and company be aware that not everyone online games on the PC forward - instead preferring to get their shenanigans on through a common game console. Certainly no sense shutting these products out, it seems.

The video below breaks down the best way to unlock the wardrobe through the Nexus Concern, in case you feel like acquiring them on premature and dressing Def. Va as a wily police officer. So be sure to check it out! We’ll say once the outfits are for sale for general pick-up inside Overwatch - and even we’re sure you have plenty of awesome templates to play around within the meantime, appropriate?


Tell me a bit about kNg as well. He came CSGO Ak47 Skins into the team, he seems also like one of the fiery guys, but not only that, he seems to have input on how the rounds are played. Tell me about him, his playstyle and what he brings to the team?

kNg was usually the main AWPer, so fitting him into the team had been very hard, because we don't want to play every single T side with two AWPs, that's a huge impact on your economy. If you lose a round, you are pretty much broke. So we had to adapt his style to play with and AK. When we invited your pet to the team he said that he can do whatever, whatever all of us asked him, and that is what he does.

Also, he is a very dedicated guy, this individual always wants to perform stuff, like when we lose a match he is the first one to say "OK, it's time to do a review, time for you to study our mistakes". Because I think we had a little bit of a struggle with that at the beginning because some of our players were like "ah, we all don't need to watch now", but he is super important and I love him for that. He helps me a lot.

Let's touch a little on this event. The Major is certainly the most important, but what did you want to achieve here, what had been your goals and expectations?

We did not reach our goal, not even close, to be honest. I wanted to reach at least the quarter-

finals. We screwed up against Liquid, we had which game in our hands, we lost some stupid clutches, 1v4, 3v5, and our T side has been always fast, every single round was fast. That was a pefect example of emotions, they thought that they had to win that game, it was their obligation because we were up so much in the game, so they started to fail, fail, fail... And even the pauses, Liquid ended up being pausing and I paused as well, and I said: "Guys, we have to perform slow, we have to enjoy under 30 seconds, 20 seconds, not participate in fast all the time". But they were so blinded by the emotion that they didn't listen. After the game, they said sorry and stuff like that, but it seemed to be too late.

You already mentioned a bit of what you do for the team, can you tell me your role, what the organization expects from you, what the players expect from you, what do you do for your team the most?

So , I'm kind of a 50-in-1 guy, I'm a manager, I search for sponsors, anything they want, personal sponsors for them, I do administrative stuff for the team. I also search for new tactics, new setups, I look at our own mistakes, I study the other team, We study the vetos, sometimes I give my opinion but at the end of the day, boltz and the boys, they pick the map. But I always give them anything they want. If they need anything at all, I'll do it. That's it.

So tell me about now coming up to the Major, what's the actual mentality like and what is in your mind going to Krakow?

The mentality is that everybody needs to be humble and practice even harder. Because if we were practicing 7-8 hours we should exercise 12 now, because the Major is the most important thing for us, and we don't want to play another Major Qualifier. We want to reach at least Legends status, and we know it's super hard. We are going to play Astralis in the first match up, one of the best teams in the world, but we are not going to give up towards anyone. We want to put up a fight and reach Legend status. That is our goal.

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While Cachette has persistently CSGO Ak47 Skins recently been underplayed at premier-level LANs, Cache contains a handful of devotees which were very successful within the last 100 days. SK is the obvious standout with their impressive 7-2 record, but G2’s wins over the additional three leading coaches and teams in C9, HellRaisers give them the edge above SK and the top position. In the battle regarding third place, HellRaisers have the far more excellent record, but shortage wins over virtually any top Cache organizations. Cloud9’s wins around G2 and Immortals earns them often the bronze medal regardless of their four loss.

  1) G2

Benefits: C9x2, HellRaisers, SK, North

Record: 5-3

  2) SK Games

Wins: FaZe, Fnatic, mousesports, G2, Gambitx2, and EnVyUs

File: 7-2

  3) Cloud9

Wins: NiP, OpTic, G2, Luminosity, CLG, Immortals

Record: 6-4

  4) HellRaisers

Is the winner: FaZe, North, EnVyUs, Misfits, Virtus Master

Record: 5-1


In the last iteration on this ranking system inside May, Gambit in addition to SK were the top and number two teams on this map, yet G2 have abruptly become very prominent on this map lately. While they did drop to Gambit from DreamHack Austin, they've been unstoppable since, also beating SK around the map on their solution to a win on the ESL Pro Little league Season 5 Ultime. Elsewhere, SK stays above Gambit on account of their head-to-head earn and better total record, while Range themselves are now simply clinging to a leading spot thanks to most of their win over G2. Immortals have the No . several spot thanks to their valuable wide variety of wins through more mediocre oppositions.

  1) G2

Is: HellRaisersx2, Liquid, Cloud9, EnVyUs, Tricked, mousesports, SK, North

Capture: 9-1

  2) SK Gaming

Wins: Privation, ViCi, North, Cloud9, Singularity, CLG

History: 6-1

  3) Gambit

Wins: TyLoo, THE ALMIGHTY, OpTic, G2

Log: 4-2

  4) Immortals

Wins: UYA, Brave, Luminosity, CLG, mousesports

Record: 5-3


The most recently up to date map still has any stubbornly unclear pecking order. While many of the very very best teams in the world enjoy Inferno, no crew has proven them selves capable of winning the exact map with fantastic consistency. For this month’s ranking, SK scarcely leads the pack as a consequence of their wins in excess of Astralis, FaZe, plus Fnatic. While Fnatic are themselves slotted design in at No. a couple of with the exact same report, thanks to their sluggish schedule. Immortals once more slip into the top-four thanks to their solid record over lagging teams, but their win over Fnatic in fact puts them about G2 who furthermore lack quality benefits beyond their enlighten Immortals.

  1) SK Gaming

Wins: Cloud9, Astralisx2, mouse, Fnatic, FaZe

Record: 6-3

  2) Fnatic

Advantages: Gambitx2, VP, Na'Vi, Immortals, EnVyUs

Record: 6-3

  3) Immortals

Wins: Liquid, MVP Project, Cloud9x2, Daring, Monstars, TOP FIREARM, Fnatic

Record: 8-3

  4) G2

Victories: NiP, EnVyUs, Northern, OpTic, Immortals

Document: 5-4

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Simultaneously, OpTic Gaming’s roster had finally fallen into place. The actual team wasn’t dealing with the same issues as the rest of the CS: PROCEED community, and OpTic Gaming took advantage of a unique moment within Counter-Strike history. The actual departure of stanislaw has most likely solidified the end of this lineup, but they were beginning to fail before this individual ever left the team. With Spencer “Hiko” Martin within the lineup and NAF as the IGL, the team looks extremely diminished. Unless something drastic happens, this really is looking like the end from the road for this time of OpTic Video gaming. In January associated with 2016, Cloud9 introduced Jake “Stewie2k” Yip as the fifth person in their new roster. Fans were quick with with their backlash, and many thought the acquisition was extremely underwhelming. It’s clear to see why Cloud9 was criticized for obtaining Stewie2k-he was a relatives unknown with almost no experience on the professional circuit. The roster change was governed by even more scrutiny as rumors about Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund as well as Tarik “tarik” Celik potentially joining C9 were circulating.

Who in their right thoughts would pass up these established stars to take a gamble on an unproven player such as Stewie2k? Despite the skepticism surrounding his debut, Stewie2k has since silenced many of his detractors and progressed into a remarkable talent. “Youthful Stewart 2000, ” as some followers have dubbed your pet, adapted unbelievably fast, quickly becoming of the best players in NA and serving as in-game leader with regard to Cloud9. His biggest accomplishment was leading Cloud9 to triumph at ESL Pro League Season 4, the biggest tournament triumph in the history associated with NA CS: PROCEED. Since EPL S4, however , Stewie2k’s meteoric rise to stardom has slowed down dramatically. Cloud9 have dropped since their historic win, and no lengthier seem to pose the threat on an worldwide level. Stewie2k is still one of NA’s greatest,CSGO Ak47 Skins but he has plenty of room to grow. Within 2016, Stewie2k required over as primary shot caller as well as in-game leader with regard to Cloud9, a new as well as unfamiliar role for the young player. To the surprise of many, the role change worked spectacularly for Cloud9, and Stewie2k’s calling played a main part in their EPL S4 win.

As a caller, Stewie2k angles Cloud9’s tactics as well as strategy around their own individual ability, sketching on his own playmaking capability to open up the game with regard to his teammates. This kind of calling seemed to release Timothy “autimatic” Ta who had a break out MVP overall performance during C9’s run at EPL S4. While this style of calling worked for C9 for a time in 2016, it has since turn out to be ineffective. To be straight-forward, C9 simply do not have the individual skill or talent to keep to play such a loose style. Their EPL S4 victory arrived part due to overperformance from the team’s role players, and Cloud9 have not come close to replicating that overall performance ever since. Stewie2k must grow as an in-game leader to become a much better player. He nevertheless has a very naïve mentality when it comes to becoming the shot caller for the team. Within 2016, he stated in interviews that C9 was powerful on six out of seven maps, which was the reason that Cloud9 perma-banned nuke. He also stated that he didn’t think C9 needed the coach, as the players were able to give feedback to one another. These remarks are representative of Stewie2k’s inexperience, and in order for Cloud9 to discover success down the line, the young captain will have to focus on building the strategic and tactical core of the group. Stewie2k is clearly the best player upon C9 at this point, as well as works well with autimatic, but as their best player and shot caller,

it’s important that he develops his command role and takes responsibility for the direction of the team. All through 2016 and 2017, Mike “shroud” Grzesiek, Tyler“Skadoodle” Latham, as well as Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert have all taken their turn at underperforming. Skadoodle and envelop, enfold were essentially non-existent for 2016, despite being the celebrity players for the group in 2015. Experts and analytsts were calling for the associated with both or possibly players in 2016. Over the past couple of events, Skadoodle has improved his form using the AWP and has contributed, but shroud as well as n0thing still look like dead weight. Stewie2k is praised through many for his hard work and commitment to winning. He clearly wants to succeed, but in order to do this it will take more than just their own skill. He must have players around your pet who can support your pet and contribute to triumph. With Cloud9’s current roster,CSGO AWP Skins they aren’t relevant contenders. Without improved play through his teammates, it is crucial that Stewie2k holds them responsible and be willing to need players who are capable of performing up to the level he

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Peter “dupreeh” Rothmann suffered from appendicitis forcing the actual team to play using their coach as a replacement. SK Gaming vs FlipSid3, The first map performed was Mirage, as well as SK took the actual lead quickly whilst on T-Side 7: 1 . Flip was unable to hold them longer as they finished the first half with a 12: 3 business lead. The pistol round on the second 1 / 2 went to SK, but Flipside answered with a pistol round which granted them the actual round and the 3 following ones putting the score thirteen: 7 before the Brazilians closed it sixteen: 7, Nuke wasFlipSid3’s map of choice, also it showed early on within the first half since the CIS team set up a 6: 0 lead. But SK was able to respond to it and won every single remaining round from the first half switching the score in their favor 6: 9.

In the second 1 / 2 SK started through winning the gun round and the 2 anti-ecos. The game eventually went into overtime as Flip battled to push the actual series into a third game. SK won the game 17: 19 and advanced into the Semifinals against Virtus. pro. Na’vi versus Team LiquidTrain was the first map from the series and Fluid started by successful the pistol round and the following 1, but Na’Vi linked the score four: 4 after an early buy on the third round. Liquid shut the first half upon CT-side with a fine 10: 5 score, but Na’Vi linked the game up within the second half following a streak that ended up granting them the game 11: 16. The 2nd map of the series was Nuke, and also the CIS team won the pistol round on the CT-side. The score was linked 4: 4 and after winning three units in a row,CSGO Ak47 Skins Na’Vi took the business lead 7: 4. But Liquid responded exactly the same way and linked the score 7: 7 before going into the second half with Na’Vi on the business lead 8: 7.

Fluid started the second round on CT as well as took the gun round and 2 more, bringing the score to 8: 10. Na’Vi traded units with the American group, but when the score was 12: 11 Liquid had the five win streak that granted them game two 12: 16. The last game of the series was Overpass and Fluid starting on the T-side destroyed Na’Vi’s defense as they pushed into B-site several times, securing the first half with a big lead thirteen: 2 . Not even the tactical pause was able to help the CIS team in the first half, and the second half was absolutely no different. Liquid started by rushing mid and winning gun round, eventually locating the rounds needed to safe a position in the Semifinals by winning sixteen: 6. Fnatic versus GambitThe first game was played upon Train, and the Ruskies team won the actual pistol round and also the two anti-ecos, but Fnatic gained energy and by the end from the first half was on the lead 11: 4.CSGO AWP Skins The long win streak continued into the second 1 / 2 and Fnatic shut the game 16: five.

The second and last game of the quarterfinals was Cache, as well as Fnatic started by taking the pistol round and two much more rounds on T-side. The first buy round for the Russian group granted them the win 3: one, but Fnatic put a stop to it and extended their lead 9: 3. The Swedish team won the last three rounds from the first half as well as went into the second half with a 3: 12 score. Fnatic won the gun round on the second half and that noticeable the beginning of the end, because Fnatic stomped gambit on the two subsequent rounds, closing the actual score 3: sixteen. After four long matches of Greatest of Three video games, day three from the ESL: One Cologne Major came to an end. With the results from today’s matches, we have the official teams that will be participating in the Playoffs right after advancing to the Quarterfinals. All the teams which made it this much earned the position of “Legends” and with it a guaranteed spot for the following official Valve financed CS: GO

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