Bathmate Penis Enlargement Technology

Water Based Penis Pumps vs Air Based Penis Pumps

So you are probably thinking that’s great, the Bathmate uses water… so what!

Well the reason this is important is primarily because of safety. All good engineers will tell you that if you pressurize air to a high level it can be very dangerous, but if you pressurize water to do the same thing, it’s a lot lot lot safer.

Now when we are dealing with your penis, do you really want to suffer physical damage to it (the type that is common when over pressurizing with a normal penis pump)?

Thought not…

The Bathmate uses water because it is the only safe way to pressurize your penis.

How To Use?

Simply fill up the bath and get in.

Once in, place the Bathmate underwater until filled with water then place your member inside.

Push the Bathmate up and down several times until it’s sat firmly against the base of the penis and you feel a vacuum there. Using the pressure release valve at he top of the pump, this will help remove any surplus water. You may need to pump it up and down 3 or 4 times so that all water has been removed.

When you feel that the vacuum is firmly in grip and you can no longer move your manhood just sit back and chill for 5 minutes. After every 5 or 6 minutes try to pump the Bathmate down, this will in turn force your penis to expand even further forcing the excess water from the top of the pump.

If you feel the pressure is too much simply adjust the pressure release at the top. Continue the this 3 to 4 times.

After 15 to 20 minutes, release the pressure and remove the bathmate. If this is your first time you will be more than taken a back!

The manufacturers state that you should aim to use this penis pump no more than 3 times a week so as to see some real gains. Frequently utilize will make your penis cells grow to be able to accommodate the improved blood flow for the penile. This may lead to permanent growth of both penile girth and length.

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